Products Annual
Description (see following pages for detail)
International HTS Tables Any Country $2,600 See Inventory tables below.
US HTS with OGA /PGA Codes $3,000 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!
NAFTA US Rules of Origin $4,900 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!
NAFTA MX Rules of Origin $4,900 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!
NAFTA CA Rules of Origin $4,900 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!
NAFTA - all three ROO Country sets $12,500 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!
Any other Trade Agreement ROO Country Sets $4,900 per See inventory.
Commodity Export Codes for any country $2,600 Utilized when the country has a Unique set of export codes.
Swiss Commodity (Export) Codes $3,800 Includes, HTS, HTS, OGA - Swiss non-customs provisions codes ,
BSPC - Licensing authority codes, LDR -License determination records
Re-classification Tables $1,200 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!

Denied & Sanctioned Parties

From MK Data Services

$9,800 Chemical Biological Weapons Concerns (DOS)
Denied Persons List (BIS)
Department of State Debarred Parties (DOS)
Designated Terrorist Organization (DOS/OFAC)
End-User Requiring License - Entity List
European Union Sanctions List
German Proliferation Concerns (Concern List Only)
Human Rights Information Technology (OFAC)
Iran and Syria Nonproliferation Act (DOS)
Iran Nonproliferation Act
Iran Sanctions Act (DOS)
Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act
Japanese Proliferation Concerns (METI)
List of Foreign Financial Institutions (OFAC)
Merchant Vessel, Cuba (OFAC)
Merchant Vessel, Iraq (OFAC)
Merchant Vessel, Vietnam (OFAC)
Missile Technology Concerns (DOS)
Money Laundering Concerns (FINCEN)
Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council (OFAC)
Red Flag Concerns (BIS)
SDN, Western Balkans (OFAC)
Specially Designated Global Terrorist - SDGT(OFAC)
Specially Designated Narcotic Trafficker (OFAC)
Specially Designated National Cote d'Ivoire(OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Belarus (OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Congo (OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Iran (OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Lebanon
Specially Designated National, Liberia
Specially Designated National, Myanmar (Burma)
Specially Designated National, Somalia (OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Sudan (OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Syria (OFAC)
Specially Designated National, Zimbabwe (OFAC)
Specially Designated Nationals, Cuba (OFAC)
Specially Designated Nationals, Iraq (OFAC)
Specially Designated Nationals, Libya (OFAC)
Specially Designated Nationals, N.Korea (OFAC)
Specially Designated Nationals, Vietnam (OFAC)
Specially Designated Terrorists - SDME (OFAC)
Transfer of Lethal Military Equipment (DOS)
Transnational Criminal Organizations (OFAC)
UK Proliferation Concerns (Concern List Only)
United Nations Security Council Sanctions
Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and Thei
Human Rights Information Technology (OFAC)
List of Foreign Financial Institutions
Premium Denied & Sanctioned Parties including

financial and counterfeiting sanctions.

From MK Data Services
$14,800 Premium Offering includes all of the standard lists as well as the following additional lists:
* Australian Consolidated List
* Bank of England--Financial Sanctions (HM Treasury)
* Canadian Restricted Entities
* FBI Most Wanted List
* FDA Debarment List
* GSA Debarred Bidders List - Reciprocal
* HHS OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities
* Ministry of International Trade and Industry
* NIH PHS Administrative Actions Listing
* Swiss Restricted List
* Totally Restricted List for Clinical Investigators
* World Bank -- List of Debarred/Ineligible Firms
* Inter-American Development Bank
* Mexico's National Banking Commission and Securities
*INTERPOL - Wanted Persons
*Iran Divestment Act New York
PEP List From MK Data Services $7,500 Add Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) to either
the “Standard” or “Premium” SPL selection
Latin America OGA list $21,000 for all 7 lists or $4,200 Each Please call your Client Manager for details
US Schedule B $3,000 CUSTOMS Info Exclusive!
US ECCN Text $9,800 From MK Denial
US ECCN License Rules $9,800 Please call your Client Manager for details
Dual Use Regulations - See Description.

(Similar to US ECCN Text)
$9,800 We support DE, EU, HK, JP, MY and SG in addition to the US

EU Source:
EU Rules of Origin Country Sets $4,900
Swiss Rules of Origin Country Sets $4,900
ASEAN Rules of Origin Country Sets $4,900
Mercosur Rules of Origin Country Sets $4,900 Please call your Client Manager for details
FDA Codes Call for

Customized for your specific Industry and class
CUSTOMS Info. Exclusive!
WCO– World Customs Organization 6 Digit File $1000
US Military list $3,500 Please call your Client Manager for details
French Military list $3,500 Please call your Client Manager for details
United Kingdom Military List $3,500 Please call your Client Manager for details
Swiss Military List $3,500 Please call your Client Manager for details
European Union Military list $3,500 Please call your Client Manager for details
US Customs Offices $2,000 Please call your Client Manager for details
Automotive Traced Materials $3,000
French Additional Codes $2,600 Please call your Client Manager for details

Pricing and Inventory

Content for delivery—Specific Schemas

Volume Discounts Are Available contact

CUSTOMS Info Differentiators:


CI data files include the long (ITC) & short (ABI) HTS descriptions from the US.

CI has approximately 75% fewer initial files and 93% fewer update files than our competition. This enables you faster uploads and more efficiency.

CI provides same files to all customers versus customer specific files dependent on which systems (DEV, QA, Production)

The CI U.S. file includes OGA/PGA codes. These include other government agency codes from ABI.

FDA Codes customized for your specific needs

CI is a one stop shop for all content with large portfolio of GTS content versus competitors

Re-classification tables enable clients to easily map HS codes when changes to the HS occur.

CUSTOMS Info has been providing Trade Data for 18 years. We do not sell applications, software or move boxes. We do one thing ONLY – trade content.

The biggest difference?Customer Service!

Country LanguageCountry LanguageCountry Language
AlbaniaEnglishEstoniasee European Union languagesOmanArabic, English
AlgeriaEnglish, FrenchFalkland IslandsEnglishPakistanEnglish
Antigua and BarbudaEnglishFijiEnglishPanamaEnglish, Spanish, Castilian
ArgentinaEnglish, Spanish, CastilianFinlandsee European Union languagesParaguayEnglish, Spanish, Castilian
ArubaEnglish, DutchFrancesee European Union languagesPeruEnglish, Spanish, Castilian
AU Export CodesEnglishGabonEnglishPhilippinesEnglish
AustraliaEnglishGermanyEnglish, GermanPolandsee European Union languages
Austriasee European Union languagesGermany Export CodesEnglish, French, GermanPortugalsee European Union languages
BangladeshEnglishGibraltarEnglishRussian FederationEnglish, Russian
BarbadosEnglishGreecesee European Union languagesRwandaEnglish
Belgiumsee European Union languagesGrenadaEnglishSaint Kitts and NevisEnglish
BelizeEnglishGuatemalaEnglish, Spanish, CastilianSaint LuciaEnglish
BermudaEnglishGuyanaEnglishSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesEnglish
BOLIVIA, PLURINATIONAL STATE OFEnglish, Spanish, CastilianHondurasEnglish, Spanish, CastilianSaudi ArabiaEnglish
Bosnia and HerzgovinaEnglishHong KongChinese, EnglishSingaporeEnglish
BotswanaEnglishHungarysee European Union languagesSlovakiasee European Union languages
BrazilEnglish, PortugueseIcelandEnglish, IcelandicSloveniasee European Union languages
Brunei DarussalamEnglishIndiaEnglishSouth AfricaEnglish
Bulgariasee European Union languagesIndonesiaEnglish, IndonesianSpainsee European Union languages
BurundiEnglishIrelandsee European Union languagesSri LankaEnglish
CA Export CodesEnglish, FrenchIsraelEnglishSurinameEnglish
CambodiaEnglishItalysee European Union languagesSwiss Export CodesEnglish, French, German
CanadaEnglish, FrenchRomaniasee European Union languagesSwedensee European Union languages
Cayman IslandsEnglishJordanEnglishSwitzerlandEnglish, French, German
Central African RepublicEnglishJP Export CodesEnglish, JapaneseTaiwan, Province of ChinaEnglish
ChileEnglish, Spanish, CastilianKorea, Republic ofEnglish, KoreanThailandEnglish, Thai
ChinaChinese, EnglishKuwaitArabic, EnglishTrinidad and TobagoEnglish
Chinese Export CodesEnglishLatviasee European Union languagesTurkeyEnglish, Turkish
ColombiaEnglish, Spanish, CastilianLebanonEnglishTurks and Caicos IslandsEnglish
Costa RicaEnglish, Spanish, CastilianLithuaniasee European Union languagesUkraineEnglish
JapanEnglish, JapaneseLuxembourgsee European Union languagesUnited Arab EmiratesArabic, English
CroatiaCroatian, EnglishMACAOEnglishUnited Kingdomsee European Union languages
Cyprussee European Union languagesMACEDONIA, THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OFEnglishUnited StatesEnglish
Czech Republicsee European Union languagesMalaysiaEnglishUruguayEnglish, Spanish, Castilian
Denmarksee European Union languagesMalaysia - AHTNEnglishUS Schedule BEnglish
DominicaEnglishMaldivesEnglishVENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OFEnglish, Spanish, Castilian
Dominican RepublicEnglish, Spanish, CastilianMaltasee European Union languagesViet NamEnglish, Vietnamese
EcuadorEnglish, Spanish, CastilianMauritiusEnglishWCO 6 digits - 2007English
EgyptEnglishMexicoEnglish, Spanish, CastilianWCO 6 digits - 2007 No 5sEnglish
El SalvadorEnglish, Spanish, CastilianMontserratEnglishWCO 6 digits - 2012English
EU Export CodesEnglish, French, German, Italian, PolishMoroccoEnglish, French  
European Union Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, NamibiaEnglish  
English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Netherlandssee European Union languages  
German, Greek, Hungarian, New ZealandEnglish  
Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, NicaraguaEnglish, Spanish, Castilian  
Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, NigeriaEnglish  
Slovenian, Spanish, Castilian, Swedish NorwayEnglish, Norwegian Bokmål 

Pricing and Inventory

Content for delivery—Specific Schemas

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Switzerland – 44 586 92 21 - # 702

Hong Kong (Asia) 852 8176 4467 - # 712

Chile (South & Central America) 56 2 8974465 - # 701

UK (Europe) 020 8144 2559 - # 702



Eastern US and EMEA Dial#702

Southwestern US Dial #711

Western US, MX and CA Dial# 701

Central US, Asia/Pacific, Central & South America Dial# 712

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