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Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Search

CUSTOMS Info is the best place in the world to classify products by HTS code. No other source has as many US Rulings (including CROSS) as CUSTOMS Info. Including the EU Rulings, there are over 600,000 binding rulings – all keyword searchable.

All documents are keyword searchable and linked. So a US binding ruling links directly to the proper HTS number, WCO Explanatory Note and domestic ADD/CVD notices.

Classify and obtain duties and taxes for your country of destination quickly.

Still paying for separate copies of the WCO Explanatory Notes? Stop! They are included in your CUSTOMS Info subscription.

Find out why CUSTOMS Info has been the #1 private source for trade data since 1992.

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Features and Functions



WCO Explanatory notes

WCO Opinions Compendium

07/12 WCO Correlation Tables




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Hyperlink Features

Links among all infobases in one site

One-click "jump" from rulings to HTS to EN

One-click "jump" from US HS to CA HS to MX HS to EU HS

One-click search for rulings from HTS

Images are displayed directly inside of Rulings.

Tracking of what documents you have previously viewed  

Make and store notes to Rulings  


Search Features

HTS Search

Must Jump to ITC Website

Simultaneous multiple infobase search

Advanced search by infobase

Save your search for future reference

Attach Notes to Rulings


Other Features

Multi-Country Tariffs (140)

Tab driven links from source document

User Defined  Ruling Notes

ECCN Finder

HTS Features

OGA Codes in HTS

ADD Flags in HTS

Saved Search

Recently Viewed

Correlation table for WCO 6-digt 2012 changes



Rulings (as of 10/03/2011)



Fuglei Exclusive Rulings


Regulatory Information

19 Code of Federal Regulation (CR)

19 Federal Register                                                                                                                  

U.S Code Title 19

NAFTA Act, Annex, Rules in Spanish and French

Customs Directives


Administrative Messages



CAS Linked to TASCA

TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory

U.S. Denied Party Search

Other Govt Agency Downloads & Search

ADD/CVD Download & Search


Tariff Information

HTS, Notes Appendix, Change Records

Must Jump to ITC Website

HTS, Prior Years


Must Jump to ITC Website

WCO Explanatory Notes (EN)

Schedule B

Must Jump to Census Website

OGA Codes in Tariff (US)

Lacey Act Notification



Agency/Court Decisions

Court of International Trade (CIT) Cases




Court of Appeals Federal Circuit (CAFC) Cases




Treasury Decisions



Antidumping/Countervailing Duty Notes

Copyright/Trademark Recordation


Multi-Country Tariff Info

HTS for 101 Countries

Duties, Taxes, Fees for 101 Countries

Canadian D-Series Memorandums

Canadian HTS

Canadian Prior Years HTS

Canadian Notices/Proposals

MX Tariff

MX Tariff in Spanish

Canada Advance Rulings

EU Binding Rulings

EU Export Codes

EU Consolidated Implementing Provisions

Swiss HTS

Swiss Export Codes w/ OGA


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