Your company’s Import Data is publicly available to you through the Freedom of Information Act. US Customs maintains Importer Trade Activity reports (ITRAC) for its own auditing purposes, but they can also be invaluable to importers. This data can provide a complete picture of what has been imported. Specifically, it contains the following:

  • Country of Export
  • Est. Tax
  • Port of Lading/Unlading
  • Country of Origin
  • Exams
  • Related Party Status
  • Discrepancy Types
  • Export Date
  • Special Program Ind.
  • Entered Value
  • Filer
  • Ultimate Consignee
  • Entry Date
  • HTS Number/Desc.
  • Entry Number
  • Liquidation Date
  • Entry Type
  • Manuf. Id
  • Est. Duty/Rate
  • Mode of Transport

The data comes from the 7501 entry document.

Request Your Import Activity Data

CUSTOMS Info Global Data Mining has created a convenient form to request ITRAC Data. Creating the request through the form is free of charge, but there will be a charge from CBP for your data.

How to use ITRAC Data

With ITRAC data in hand, importers of record can perform internal reviews and audit (or begin) an import compliance program. Importers should consider conducting annual internal reviews of their import program to identify compliance issues and action items. For example, importers can combine ITRAC data with other industry data to provide a blueprint to corrective actions required to produce critical improvements and free literally millions of dollars in unnecessary costs from a business’s US supply chain.

Specialty service providers can be used to assemble and analyze this data for you or you can use your time and IT resources to assemble the data and develop the reports you need. The decision to use internal resources or hire a third party to run trade data analysis comes down to a buy or build decision based on opportunity cost.

CUSTOMS Info Global Data Mining specializes in trade data analytics and has developed more than forty different reports for analyzing US import transactions. For more information about these reports, contact CUSTOMS Info Global Data Mining.

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Thanks Bryce. Good information, not all brokers are well enabled or willing to generate reports. Recovery of this kind of information manually from paper 7501's can be tedious. I met with a client yesterday who had exactly this problem. CBSA offer a similar option in Canada referred to as a firm report.

Thanks Keith, do you happen to know how to request a "firm report"? Is there somewhere online with info or a submission form?

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