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eCommerce Experiences Less Trade Friction than Traditional Intl Trade

The buying habits of consumers are changing rapidly. Every year brick and mortar stores lose business to online retailers. What impact does this have on International trade? What are the implications in the long-term? Online marketplace eBay released a series of papers that analyze the effects of ecommerce on international trade.  The takeaway from these articles is that international commerce will no longer be only for large and complex organizations. Ecommerce makes it possible for small businesses to reach international markets.

Why Go Global?

Global Trade is growing fast. International trade has grown from $9 trillion in 2005 to $16 trillion in 2009. World trade is predicted to grow 7-9% annually. That would result in trade volume reaching $70 trillion by 2025. The global economy is the new reality, and businesses of all sizes can benefit from selling internationally. Now is the time to go global.

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