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Recap: Country Updates Published Last Week, Currently in Progress, Upcoming Updates and Published 2017 Tariffs

    Country Updates Published Last Week:

    • Japan 10 digits (ie: with NACCS code)
    • Japan Export Tariff
    • China Import Tariff
    • US Schedule-B
    • Algeria (not 2017)
    • Thailand (not 2017)

    Country Updates Currently in Progress:

    • EU February update
    • Turkey
    • Russia (and BY, AM, KZ, KG)  To be completed today.

    2017 Tariff Corrections - Missing Descriptions

    Canada Customs has identified a number of issues with the 2017 tariff that need to be corrected. We are processing these changes now.  Note that they also advised that there will be another tariff update effective January 16 from the amendment: (Agri-food Order, P.C. 2016-1150, SOR/2016-313)

    The errors in the tariff can be summarized as follows. Note that all the missing descriptions were already corrected by the Descartes team during initial processing.

    Singapore: WCO Amendments for HS 2017

    WCO has completed the review of the WCO amendments to the HS and published the accepted amendments for HS 2017. We are currently revamping our National Single Window (NSW) (TradeNet®) which will include the implementation of STCCED 2017. The revamp is expected to be completed in 2018. As such, we will be using the STCCED 2012 (based on HS 2012) till the revamp is completed.

    China HS Code Changes

    China made an unannounced change to nearly 2600 HS codes.  The majority of the changes are deletions of detailed codes, with a collapsing of the tariff to the next highest level. We are processing the changes now and hope to have the tariff updated in the next day or so. Please find a link to an Excel document detailing the changes (HERE).

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