SAP GTS Content Status 01/10/2012

With all of the 2012 changes that are impacting businesses using GTS, we wanted to provide an update that will recap what we have delivered so far and what you can expect in the near future. As always we are dependent on these countries releasing the information to us in order for us to start our process. 

Already Delivered:

  • EU Import in all languages
  • EU Export/IntraStat in all languages
  • Swiss Export -- all languages – there are still additional updates that will be coming to complete this update
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United States – There are still additional updates that will be coming to complete the 2012 information

Next Countries Expected:

  • US Schedule B – This week
  • Switzerland Export/Import - This week
  • Germany - This week
  • Korea - This is top priority as many companies need it. It's in process and expected next week
  • Singapore - in process
  • Japan - in process
  • Brazil - in process
  • United States – We are awaiting the final 2012 changes 
  • Mexico -- 2012 is not scheduled to be enforced until April - June time period
  • China – Not expected until end of January

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