CI Updates

SAP Content Updates for CO, JP, DE, and US Schedule B

Colombia (CO)

Update for Colombia is available for SAP in English & Spanish. This update includes no new HTS codes.

Japan (JP)

Update for Japan in English & Japanese languages is available.

Germany (DE)

Update for Germany in both English and German languages available.

US Schedule B

Update for US export is available for SAP. 

CUSTOMS Info Content Updates 01/18/13

Subscription Content

Brazil (BR)

This update includes a new HS code and some duty and tax changes.

Download the change report for Brazil.

SAP Content

Bolivia (BO)

Small update for Bolivia for SAP is available in both English & Spanish languages. No new HS codes in this update.

Switzerland (CH) EXPORT

Swiss export update in German, English, and French is available.

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