CI Updates

Interim 2012 Updates

CI Search was updated last night to include the interim 2012 HTS changes published on the HTS homepage. 

GTIM tab will be updated later tonight tonight.

It is worth repeating that this is not the new "WCO 2012" changes, it's only the 2012 Interim update till those other bigger changes take affect later in January.  AKA: nomenclature follows the old 2007-2011 WCO nomenclature.

SAP GTS HTS Effective Dates Update

As many of you are aware the United States has delayed the effective date of their published 2012 changes.  In our efforts to be proactive we had provided our SAP GTS customers an update reflecting these expected changes at the end of November.  With this latest development it is necessary for us to send you an update for the United States extending the dates for the codes that were expected to expire at the end of 2011 and to change the effective dates of the new codes.

2012 Reform Tables Update

  • EU Import -- The initial file has been released.  A final release by the EU is expected soon. 
  • EU Export / IntraStat has been released.  An additional release is expected at the end of the year. 
  • US Import -- The US Governmental pre-release data has been released for GTS and a final file will be provided upon the official 2012 release by the US Government. 
  • Switzerland (import/export) – Import and Export data has been released.

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