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CUSTOMS Info Content Updates 12/12/2012

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This update brings duty rates to the MY-AHTN tariff.   This is not the Malaysia tariff, but the AHTN-10 digit-ASEAN tariff.There are 2 duty rates:  The general rate for non-ASEAN countries, and then the "ATIGA" rate for ASEAN countries.

Algeria (DZ)

This is a minor but important correction to the Algeria tariff data. Germany was missing from the countries that benefit from the EU-FTA with Algeria.

CUSTOMS Info Content Updates 12/10/12

CUSTOMS Info Subscription Content

Cayman Islands

Updated Content: KY - Cayman Islands: 2012 Tariff and tax. Be aware that this tariff is very odd looking. It is only 4 digits and does not conform to the WCO. The descriptions are different than everyone’s 4 digit codes. We called and confirmed with their customs department that it is correct, however. This tariff will be visible on web site tonight.

Download the full 12/10/12 change report for Cayman Islands 

CUSTOMS Info Content Update for Canada and Mexico

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This update is very small. It includes a change to one HS code: 8452902000

View the full 12/06/12 change report for Canada

SAP GTS Content


This is a large update for Mexico is approved in English and Spanish. It includes a new trade agreement with a lot of new duty rates and a few new HTS codes.

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