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CUSTOMS Info Content Updates 04/04/13

Morocco (MA)

This update includes a number of fixes for 2013 HS codes and duty rates. 

Download the full change report for Morocco.

Japan Export Codes (JP)

This updates to the 2013 Export Tariff Nomenclature. 

Download the full change report for Japan.

European Union (EU)

This is the April tariff and tax update. It includes new HS codes and duty rates.

Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Lookup in CUSTOMS Info

The CUSTOMS Info Subscription site is always improving and adding features for our users. This month we are announcing our new Antidumping and Countervailing Duties research tool. Users can now look up ADD/CVD information by 8 or 10 digit HTS number.  This new ADD/CVD Lookup feature can be found under the “Research Tools” tab in CUSTOMS Info. 

ADD CVD Lookup Tool Link

CUSTOMS Info Content Updates 03/27/13

Indonesia (ID)

This update adds some FTA data we were missing.

Download the full change report for Indonesia.

China (CN)

8544309000, Changed to "Other" instead of their standard confusing long "Other than.....blah blah blah" phrase that is never right. (Chinese version is just "Other" )

Turkey (TR)

870830100000, we only had the first little bit of a long description.

Malaysia Content Updated at CUSTOMS Info

This updated includes some HS changes for 2013 and deactivation (for the moment) of the FTA programs that are not correlated for the new HS Code data. Taxes also have some updates.We will be working on the FTA rates and re-activating these programs as we get data.  Here is the blurb from MY customs:===================================================Dear Sir, Let me first apologise for some information I've conveyed yesterday with regard to the latest FTA rates based on the HS2012. <

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