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Japan Trade Content Updates 04 April 2014

This update is for the new Japan 10 digit/NACCS codes. 

Some of the 10 digit codes that had "+" symbols remained the same.  Others were split into entirely new codes, that don't match the original 9 digits.   These are still "children" of the 9 digit code, but they will have different digits after 6.Also - in the original data, we had entries like this:

UEMOA Trade Content Update 14 March 2014

Fixed 1 description (85021), And updated taxes for all members.

UEMOA = West Afican Economic Monetary Union ( The french words make up the acronym )bj            Beninbf            Burkina Fasoci            CÔTE D'IVOIREml            Maline            Nigersn            Senegaltg            TogoX5            UEMOA West Afican Economic Monetary Union

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