CI Updates

New Ci Alert Feature on CUSTOMS Info Subscription Site

CUSTOMS Info has released a new feature for Ci Search call "Ci Alert". This new feature allows users to be alerted of any changes to HTS codes of their choosing. Users search for the HTS code they wish to follow, and click on the "+" button next to it.

After alerts have been set, users can manage them under the "Ci Alerts" tab found under the Home tab.

Updated Content for EU, BO, and More


The European Union (EU) and Germany (DE) had a small number of HS changes and some duty rate changes. This represents the first good update with ALL taxes done for all EU countries. Simple files and landed cost files were created.


Bolivia (BO) content has been updated in Customs Info. This includes 2012 tariff and tax. Landed cost files and simple extract have been created. The data is ready for SAP processing.

Canada 2012 Tariff File Update

Canada didn't have an official update, but they fixed some problems with the original files.Usually, when Canada updates the tariff, they change the release from "T2012" to "T2012-01" for example. They did not do that this time. update date did not change as a result. The other big change is that now we have the French language syncd too.

Argentina Tariff

We have had a couple customers ask about the new Argentinian Tariff that goes into effect today. So far, Argentina has only released the first 8 digits. The last 3 codes (called SIM) are not published yet.

As soon as the SIM codes are published, we will post updates for Argentina.

Ci Mobile Version 2.0 Released for iOS and Android Devices

As many of you know, there is a Customs Info mobile app available for free download. The app is called Ci Mobile and it works on all Apple and Android tablets and smart devices. We just released Ci Mobile version 2.0 which includes the addition of Denied Party Lookup and iPad/tablet support.

Ci Mobile 2.0 enables users to:

SAP GTS Content Status 01/10/2012

With all of the 2012 changes that are impacting businesses using GTS, we wanted to provide an update that will recap what we have delivered so far and what you can expect in the near future. As always we are dependent on these countries releasing the information to us in order for us to start our process. 

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