Descartes CustomsInfo™ for Oracle GTM

Leading Global Trade Content for the Oracle GTM platform.

Global trade management software such as Oracle Global Transportation Management (GTM) can help businesses manage complex global supply chains as well as improve efficiency and lower costs; however, in order to maximize the capabilities of these software suites, they must be enhanced by best-in-class global trade content and accurate, up-to-date item classification information.

Descartes CustomsInfo™ for Oracle GTM can help businesses realize an increased return on investment from their GTM software through seamless integration of available trade data. Our solution includes expertly reviewed Harmonized Schedule (HS) code details from more than a hundred countries in multiple languages. Businesses can leverage a comprehensive library of select Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs). Users can then demonstrate proper due diligence in their international shipments by utilizing the most complete Denied Party Screening (DPS) information available.

Through the increased visibility provided by our content platform, businesses have the opportunity to gain access to reports not otherwise available and can better demonstrate reasonable care, achieve higher trade compliance rates, reduce risk and duty spend as well as more accurately calculate landed-cost. With Descartes CustomsInfo™ in place streaming valuable trade content into Oracle GTM, customs compliance experts can also automate classification determinations, freeing up time to focus on other important compliance issues.

Our content offering includes options for Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) tables upload, Rules of Origin (ROO) data, and one of the most comprehensive Sanctioned Party Lists (SPLs) available. Paired with Oracle GTM, Descartes CustomsInfo provides a measurable increase in productivity, improved compliance, and decreased costs by leveraging accurate trade content to avoid fines and improve processes.

Descartes CustomsInfo


  • Harmonized System (HS) code details for more than a hundred countries
  • Enhanced global accessibility with a range of language options
  • Automated updates of global trade policy change and HS codes, duties, and tariffs revisions
  • Rapid time-to-benefit with a quick launch model
  • Mass classification updates and approval decisions
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Intuitive collaboration tools for internal and external users


  • Demonstrate reasonable care with fully verified and reliable trade data
  • Navigate a comprehensive data warehouse, searchable by keyword and thoroughly cross-referenced by hyperlink
  • Seamlessly transition to revised HS codes in parallel to WCO and country specific updates
  • Enhance the functionality of Oracle GTM and deliver optimal results
  • Add on services and modules as your compliance needs grow
  • Leverage our rapid deployment model with a world-class implementation team and streamlined-based practices  
  • Improve efficiency in DPL screening, classification, HS mapping, by keeping up with HS code revisions and FTA qualifications

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