Tariff update blog update Week of Dec 31st

Recap of Country Updates Published Last Week:

  • US 2019
  • EU 2019
  • DE 2019
  • HK 2019
  • CA 2019
  • NZ 2019
  • China (description correction only)

2019 Tariffs in process:

  • EU ( member country data/tax data.  Also we can tell there are errors, but are waiting to get correct info from the EU.  This will require an update for Germany too )
  • Switzerland.  ( should be done Jan 1st )
  • Norway
  • Australia

Upcoming Country Updates*: 

  • Almost all countries 2019 ?
  • Sri Lanka
  • Cuba
  • Angola
  • Caricom
  • Mongolia

*List subject to change; however, these are the next most likely countries in our queue.

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