What is Item Compliance?

CUSTOMS Info and Global Data Mining (CiGDM) focus on Item Compliance™. This is much different than Global Trade Management.

Item Compliance™ Management focuses specifically on creating and maintaining up‐to‐date information accurately describing every product from a customs perspective, programmed to deliver compliant item data, to the right systems, anywhere in the world, at just the right time.

Global Trade Data

Every company involved in cross‐border trade needs trade data. This includes large and small importers and exporters, 3rd party logistic companies, customs brokers and freight forwarders, trade attorneys, and trade consultants.

To keep compliant with the ever changing governmental regulations, companies must have access to the most up to date global trade data. However, accessibility alone isn’t enough. The data must be formatted and delivered in a way that works for a company’s existing systems.

Trade Data Optimization

Our specialized strategy focuses on five areas of trade data optimization.

Customs Info offers:

  1. regulatory data formatted for lightning fast on‐line research or
  2. formatted for computer automation

Global Data Mining specializes in

  1. item compliance management
  2. audit compliance management
  3. and business intelligence that identifies and quantifies financial opportunities and risks

The first three areas of focus are specifically designed to be synergetic and supportive of our partner’s global trade management applications.

For Example:

For purposes of illustration, imagine a company with the following requirements for item classification:

  • US HS Code
  • Spec sheets
  • US Rulings
  • Ruling date
  • Canada HS
  • Japan HS
  • EU HS
  • Brazil HS
  • Argentina HS
  • EU dual use
  • Notes
  • Comments
  • Audit trail

They could do research on our lightning fast CI website, and then store the results in our cloud‐based Classification Desktop™

Specialty search engines like Customs Info help you research at fantastic speeds and great accuracy. If I enter “GPS Engine” and the system instantly returns 10 US Rulings, one Canadian Memo, and 5 EU Explanatory Notes with my search phrase in them.

Global Data Mining’s products allow you to connect that trade data with your business data. The Classification Desktop™ is a workspace that allows users to

  • manage product documentation
  • classify for countries via a HTS Mapping module
  • revalidate HS codes during major HS Reforms.
  • Research the most common ECCN codes for your product(s)
  • And much more…

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that companies today require a way to empower worldwide staff to apply experience and professional judgment more efficiently. Using CiGDM’s cloud based tools will help companies accomplish this and achieve more item compliance for every dollar invested.

For more information and to see these products in action, check out our recorded webinar on Item Compliance Management.


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