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$10 Million in Customs Fraud Discovered in California

A major US customs fraud operation has been uncovered in California. Three firms imported at least $100 million worth of foreign goods, bypassing more than $10 million in customs duties.

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California Laura E. Duffy said in a release the defendants are accused of evading millions of dollars in import taxes when they brought Chinese-made apparel, Indian-produced cigarettes and other goods into the country through the Long Beach Port-of-Entry.

News of VAT Changes Around the World

We’re hearing a lot of chatter about changing VAT rates around the globe. Here are a few items that we’ve been talking about behind the scenes.


Reports are emerging from Italy that the planned 2% VAT increase in October may be reduced to a 1% VAT rise - taking the standard Italian VAT rate to 22%


The recent presidential election in France resulted in the election of François Hollande, the candidate of the Socialist Party. One effects of this change is that the French VAT rise (originally planned in october) has been cancelled.

What is Item Compliance?

CUSTOMS Info and Global Data Mining (CiGDM) focus on Item Compliance™. This is much different than Global Trade Management.

Item Compliance™ Management focuses specifically on creating and maintaining up‐to‐date information accurately describing every product from a customs perspective, programmed to deliver compliant item data, to the right systems, anywhere in the world, at just the right time.

Four Biggest Problems with Implementing Global Trade Management

International trade is presently a 5 trillion dollar industry experiencing an automation revolution comparable to the revolution of the 1970s and 1980s that automated corporate financial functions using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The six most common reasons cited for the ERP revolution are: (1) need for a common platform (2) process improvement (3) data visibility (4) reduced operating cost (5) increased customer responsiveness, and (6) improved strategic decision making. Companies implementing trade management automation may expect similar results.

How to Become a Ci Search™ Ninja (The Basics)

Thousands of customs compliance professionals use CUSTOMS Info every day, but few of them know how to get the most out of its most powerful tool: Ci Search™. This week we will be doing a three part series that will take you through the steps to become a Ci Search™ power user. We will go from the most basic search skills to the advanced skills that will help you become a Ci Search™ Ninja.

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