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The meticulous nature of classification is challenging.  When multiple clients, business units, time zones and product lines come into play, effective classification can potentially reduce resources. From classification services, trade technology consulting, reporting, analysis and more, our team of highly experienced compliance professionals can free you to focus on operational goals. With an open and communicative approach to customer service, our services department can develop a custom solution to deliver quality classification determinations in a compliant  format. From large project work to smaller niche and specialty classifications, our world class professional services team can help you succeed.

Descartes CustomsInfo provided classification support for more than 30,000,000 items last year. Call to find out how we can provide these services better, faster and cheaper. Many international professionals simply have too much to do and not enough staff or resources to do it with. We call it the Operational Performance Gap. This gap is an industry-wide epidemic responsible for non-compliance, incorrect declarations, and inaccurate financials – all of which can put your company at serious risk. 

We provide the additional resources you need to bridge the gap between what you are currently able to accomplish, and what you know needs to be done.

We are not Trade Consultants, Licensed Brokers or International Attorneys. Descartes CustomsInfo is a unique brand with an intense focus and commitment to the technical levels of knowledge required to make things happen in large corporations.

Technical Levels of Knowledgeƒ

  • process knowledge: A deep knowledge of: operational requirements and procedures, internal controls, and auditing functions... ƒ
  • systems knowledge: An even deeper knowledge of organization-wide ERP systems, software applications, and other technology tools used in large corporations... ƒ
  • data knowledge: the deepest knowledge of the data that feeds organization-wide systems, connecting essential but disparate databases from purchasing systems to payment systems to receiving systems to entry summaries and governmental rulings...

Our client’s achieve results and get things done. They use our classification services to get their ‘to do’ lists completed, their projects accelerated, to create rigorous internal controls and improved systems, to convert raw data into useful business information needed to improve performance.

Our clients leverage their own data to:

  • Identify duty reduction opportunities 
  • Prepare for conversations with government officials and mitigate penalties
  • Improve the speed of their supply chain
  • Make more informed decisions on many critical trade issues.

Call today to schedule a demonstration and see how you can move beyond compliance to Operational Excellence!

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