Managing Trade Content is Essential

More global trade regulations have been created in the last decade than over the last hundred years. With trade regulations on the rise, ensuring more accurate classification and better managing trade content is fundamental to competing in today’s marketplace. Descartes CustomsInfo is the leader in global trade content and technology. We help our clients navigate the financial and non-financial trade barriers and increase the velocity of their supply chain by providing duty rates, rules, and regulations, before a transaction occurs.

Keeping the Expert in the Equation

Businesses can move to a new level of productivity, accuracy and efficiency in global trade content management by keeping the expert opinion in the equation. This can add to:

Reasonable Care & RecordkeepingOur products can help you meet the reasonable care standards of international customs agencies and better support classification determinations in the event of a Customs audit. With many regulatory agencies requiring record storage of up to five years from the time of import/export, Descartes CustomsInfo solutions can help you digitally store the information required to ensure compliance.

Accuracy & ComplianceBusinesses depends on timely and accurate information. Our team of compliance exports are dedicated to ensure that your businesses leverage one of the most accurate and timely data warehouses of duties, taxes, regulations and rulings available.

Process improvementMany companies find it challenging and costly to manage large and complex global databases of trade content. Different systems, manual procedures and constant changes of focus can be detrimental to effective classification and lead to potential fines. Effectively automating select processes can result in measurable increases in productivity, improved compliance and decreased costs related to Customs classification, compliance and trade data management.

Trade Content Management Solutions

Descartes CustomsInfo solutions include the following comprehensive service offerings to better manage trade content: 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Reference - Thousands of customers use Descartes CustomsInfo™ Reference online subscription service to better demonstrate reasonable care and support classification determinations. This sizable database of over 6 million documents will help you make better classification decisions. 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Manager - Discover a better way to work with a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage compliance down to the SKU, part or item level. Descartes CustomsInfo™ Manager was designed with the compliance professional in mind. 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Audit - Data integrity is fundamental to trade compliance. Descartes CustomsInfo™ Audit is a sophisticated trade data analysis and verification solution that can reduce the overall time and therefore the cost required to conduct Customs–related audits or digital data analysis. 

Descartes CustomsInfo™ Classification - The meticulous nature of classification is challenging. When multiple clients, business units, time zones and product lines come into play, effective classification can potentially reduce resources. From classification services, trade technology consulting, reporting, analysis and more, our team of highly experienced compliance professionals can free you to focus on operational goals. 

Descartes Acquires MK Data Services

The acquisition strengthens Descartes CustomInfo's trade data content offering. Read more about this acquisition.

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