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For twenty years, millions of international trade transactions have been explored, planned and executed using CUSTOMS Info trade data. Today, that same data continues to support not only B2B transactions, but millions of international B2C transactions in the ecommerce space.

“Goods will only travel as fast as the information that controls them” is not only a great quote, it is a financial fact. Slow moving or delayed goods can hit a company’s bottom line, create unsatisfied customers and wreak havoc on a supply chain. Studies have also shown the effect of delays on a company’s stock price.
More global trade regulations have been created in the last ten years than over the last 100. Our vast library of duties, taxes, regulations, rulings and other guides were created for one reason: to help our clients navigate both financial and non-financial trade barriers and increase the velocity of their supply chain by knowing the rates, rules and regulations before a transaction happens, ultimately increasing the bottom line.

With our CI Reference subscription, ERP data, ecommerce data, classification support services, classification apps, or all of the above, CUSTOMS Info has a product or service that we can tailor to your requirements.

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