Descartes CustomsInfo™ Manager Classification Management Workbench

Global Trade Item Compliance Management

A Powerful Compliance Workbench for Trade Content Management

Many logistics-oriented businesses have challenges with organization-wide import classification management, especially with large, complex, global trade databases and as their business expands. Beyond the constant evolution of regulations, business units and locations often work independently with limited collaboration or oversight.

Compliance Workbench Uniting Disparate Business Processes on One Common Platform

Global Logistics Network

Descartes CustomsInfo Manager allows an organization — from importers and exporters, freight forwarders and custom brokers to ecommerce providers and trade consultants — to create a repository of item product classification codes, that can interface directly with multiple disparate ERP, GTM, and ecommerce systems for use in customs transactions when they are required.

The solution’s rules based classification functionality also helps to mass-update HS codes, significantly reducing time spent manually classifying items, maximizing efficiency and flexibility. This, along with Descartes CustomsInfo Manager’s item-level compliance as opposed to the standard transaction-level compliance, can help streamline future compliance efforts greatly.

Easily add or view supporting information in compliance with country-specific regulations, including U.S. General Rules of Interpretation (GRIs), Partner Government Agency (PGA), anti-dumping (AD) and Countervailing duties (CVD) cases, European Union (EU) regulatory content, global trade agreements, and export control data.

How Your Organization Will Benefit From Descartes CustomsInfo Manager

data integrity

World Class Data Integrity

The same data that powers Descartes CustomsInfo™ Reference also populates Descartes CustomsInfo Manager. Our data engine is continually updated with trade information as reviewed by our staff of world-class compliance professionals. A series of validations, checks and balances also helps to ensure data accuracy and add to overall compliance levels.

data integrity verification

Comprehensive Audit Trail Tools

An electronic audit trail provides automatic recordkeeping of each step in the workflow process for every global business unit. This helps businesses demonstrate that they meet or exceed reasonable care standards. A standardized workflow also enables enterprise-wide process controls and helps evaluate the performance of staff or authorized third-party service providers working within the system.

enhanced collaborations

Enhanced Collaboration

With more collaborative processes in place, companies can improve overall compliance. Descartes CustomsInfo helps organizations digitize communication among multiple departments, systems, processes, and geographically dispersed business units, into one central hub. The solution can also interface directly with third party organizations, such as custom brokers and freight forwarders.

time saving efficiency

Time Saving Efficiency

Descartes CustomsInfo Manager helps make trade compliance significantly more efficient, with configurable workflows, rule-based automated classification, and user comments and annotations. Data is captured and stored, and can be reused later for future classifications or audits, as the need arises, allowing businesses to derive maximum benefit, and save unnecessary duplication of effort.

Features That Enhance Global Trade Item Compliance Management


Reduced IT expenditure and initial cost outlay; fast data integration and configuration.


Tailored databases for each client, allowing your organization to get a solution with the data that meets your specific requirements.


Search and map HS Codes for multiple countries at the six digit level. Efficiently determine product classifications and tariff treatments for an item among multiple countries.

Solution Customs Regulatory Compliance


Connectivity with other solutions in the Descartes CustomsInfo family help maintain context and focus on the research process.

backoffice database


Advanced reporting functionality helps obtain actionable performance metrics and analyses.

data integrity verification


Define workflow processes and permission levels on a per user basis.

multiple languages


Powerful intelligence solutions to improve performance and profitability,