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Leveraging accurate trade content for your global trade management (GTM) and enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, as well as ecommerce platforms, is essential to international trade. Descartes CustomsInfo Global Trade Management Content offers HS/HTS Codes and Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN), along with vital information, such as commodity export codes, Schedule B, military lists, free trade agreements, rules of origin, and denied party screening lists.

Descartes CustomsInfo Global Trade Content can help provide organizations with detailed trade data for their existing systems. It helps facilitate getting your shipments to their destination in a timely manner and without penalties.

Learn how Meggitt PLC is enhancing global trade compliance with its deployment of Descartes CustomsInfo™ for automating customs classifications process.

Application Content covers a wide range of systems

Other trade management systems with similar requirements include Questaweb and MIC

Comprehensive and up-to-date data in your GTM, Ecommerce, and ERP Systems to Enhance and Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Descartes CustomsInfo global trade management content offerings include options for Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) tables upload, Free Trade Agreements, Rules of Origin (ROO) data, ECCN/Dual Use classification, Military List, FDA Codes, Commodity Export Codes, denied party screening watch lists, among others.

Our content can be rapidly integrated with global trade management systems, ecommerce platforms, and enterprise resource planning systems, delivering the latest accurate global trade data within your existing workflow. Businesses of all sizes across the world are powered by Descartes CustomsInfo content.

Organizations Across Industries Use Descartes CustomsInfo 

Descartes CustomsInfo solutions and trade data empower organizations around the world to help build and maintain complex classification databases for their global operations.

Multi-national shippers, customs brokers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, multimodal carriers, compliance professionals, and others rely on Descartes CustomsInfo for accurate trade content to keep their supply chain moving efficiently.

Some of the world’s largest international ecommerce sites leverage our powerful best-in-class data resources to provide customers with more accurate landed cost information, improve the online shopping experience, add to overall compliance, and reduce operating costs.

Fueling Global Trade Management (GTM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with trade content, and driving ecommerce solutions, Descartes Global Trade Content unites systems and people with the trade information they need, including import and export classification data and restricted party screening lists, to help power international commerce and improve compliance.