Powering Global Import Compliance

Your single source for trade research covering 160+ countries with advanced HS Code Search, regulations and rulings lookup, and built-in online collaboration tools.

Powerful Global Trade Content—
Up to date HS Codes, Rulings, Explanatory Notes, Trade Policies and Regulations

Our suite of solutions helps businesses classify more efficiently (read our latest survey), utilizing a single-screen interface that provides streamlined Harmonized System (HS) code classification lookup in combination with other features such as regulations cross referencing, landed cost calculations, and information sharing/collaboration across the organization. Descartes CustomsInfo helps businesses improve efficiency, increase visibility and achieve high compliance rates, while reducing risk and optimizing free trade and preferential trade agreements.

Descartes CustomsInfo is part of a broad suite of global trade intelligence solutions from Descartes, covering everything from trade data research and product classification to denied party screening.

HS Code Research and Classification

Efficiently research classification, HS codes, valuation, and special trade policies, regulations, and programs for all your items

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Data Integrity Verification

Electronically verify the accuracy of data elements in your customs entry and declaration documentation prior to submission to customs

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customsinfo manager

 Classification and Collaboration Tools

Unite various components onto one common platform for better organization-wide item-level compliance and content management

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Global Trade Content

Seamlessly integrate up-to-date trade data into ERP (Electronic Resource Planning) systems such as Oracle, SAP for increased return on investment

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Global Trade Content For Your Business Systems

From fueling Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Global Trade Management (GTM), and ecommerce systems with up-to-date trade and tariff content, Descartes CustomsInfo helps businesses keep global supply chains running efficiently with a comprehensive database of HS classification codes, duty rates, customs rulings, explanatory notes, and regulations reference materials.


— Derek Abramovitch, Partner and Chief Relationship Officer, Vigilant

“Descartes CustomsInfo helps us provide comprehensive and scalable solutions in support of worldwide product classifications, customs compliance, and free trade agreements, which evolve over time to meet constantly changing compliance requirements.”


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