Descartes CustomsInfo™ Audit

Post-Entry Data Verification

A Sophisticated Customs Post-Entry Audit and Verification Tool

Data Integrity is fundamental to trade compliance. Without it, organizations run the risk of inaccurate data submissions to customs, which can cause delayed shipments, fines, and penalties.

Descartes CustomsInfo Audit Verifies Data Elements After Submission to Customs

Descartes CustomsInfo Audit is set up to be uniquely customized to every organization’s specific needs and scope. An advanced algorithm electronically compares post-entry declarations with multiple data elements, including the organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and those of the customs brokers to verify data integrity. The solution flags exceptions and discrepancies defined in your custom audit routines for review, allowing organizations to correct values of entry summaries, preventing the need to file amendments later. With Descartes CustomsInfo’s audit routines, you can strengthen your organization’s standard of reasonable care, and reduce the risk of penalties.

Descartes CustomsInfo Audit helps validate data in all submissions, not just a sample, increasing compliance with import regulations in a cost-effective manner.

How Descartes CustomsInfo Audit Can Benefit Your Organization

oversight tools

Oversight Tools

Descartes CustomsInfo Audit can help improve overall compliance by highlighting inaccuracies in customs submissions. Users can document these discrepancies, and take timely and appropriate actions to resolve them.

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Highlighting Discrepancies

By highlighting inaccuracies within ten days of submission, the solution can help your organization meet its legal obligations and avoid the need for filing complex amendments, and also mitigate the risk of costly penalties that can come from inaccurate customs filings.

How Our Expertise Can Help Your Organization


A deep knowledge of operational requirements,  procedures, internal controls, and auditing functions.

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An in-depth knowledge of the data that feeds organization-wide systems, connecting essential but disparate databases from purchasing systems to payment systems to receiving systems to entry summaries and governmental rulings.