Descartes CustomsInfo™ Reference Tariff Code Lookup Solution

Global HS Code Search and Regulatory Research

Helping Businesses Work Smarter Through Better Global Trade Classification Research and Management

Effective and timely global tariff code lookup and regulatory research are a challenge for many businesses that move goods across borders. HS codes, duties and tax rates change frequently, as do government regulations and policies relating to classification, valuation, and special trade programs and free trade agreements.

Improve the Accuracy of your HTS Code Determination, While Reducing Time Spent on Classification

Descartes CustomsInfo Reference has an up-to-date database of more than 6 million regulatory sources covering 160+ countries.

Its advanced global tariff code lookup and HS and HTS code search capabilities are accessed from a single-screen interface, helping import compliance professionals, attorneys, consultants and others make better classification decisions significantly more efficiently, optimize duty spend, as well as support classification determinations for audit purposes.

How Your Organization Will Benefit From Descartes CustomsInfo Reference

Single screen interface

Single Screen Interface

Look up tariff codes, duties and taxes, and free trade agreements from a single access screen to efficiently calculate landed costs and take advantage of favorable tariff treatments.

intuitive navigation

Intuitive Navigation

Navigate among the various information sources in one window via tabbed views of countries being researched. Maintain context and focus in research that typically involves jumping around multiple open windows.

Denied Party Screening

Advanced Search Tech

Drill down to relevant data via intuitive keyword search, and keep track of your research via multiple tabs. Reduce the time needed for research and maximize available time on other business priorities.

Solution Customs Regulatory Compliance

Up To Date Information

Most content is updated within 48 hours of official publication. Cut down on the risk of errors, shipment delays, and possible penalties.

backoffice database

In-Depth Ruling Database

Access more rulings than any other sources.* Help your organization ensure you do not leave stones unturned, and maximize research efforts.

data integrity verification

Add On Solutions

Easily configure and activate additional solutions on an as-needed basis, including collaboration verification, and audit tools, as organizational compliance requirements grow.

multiple languages

Multiple Language Options

In addition to English, tariff data options include EU-specific languages, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.

*(Premium Service covers European Binding Tariff Information (EBTI), European rulings, Canadian Rulings among others).