About Us

Since 1989, Descartes CustomsInfo has provided customers with powerful global trade content solutions that increase compliance, reduce risk, and optimize free trade and preferential trade agreements.

With a vast database of regulations, rulings, and duties, Descartes CustomsInfo solutions help clients minimize trade barriers.

We are the largest provider of duty and tax content for international commerce, with a library of more than 6 million regulatory sources. Hundreds of organizations utilize our accurate and up-to-date trade data on a daily basis. Our solutions and services facilitate faster deliveries and fewer border delays.

Descartes is a leading provider of global trade intelligence solutions, covering everything from trade data research and product classification to denied party screening.

Descartes CustomsInfo By The Numbers


Descartes CustomsInfo offers trade data for 160+ countries.

Data Points

Descartes CustomsInfo contains over 6 million regulatory sources.


Efficiency Gains

Descartes CustomsInfo users have  experienced 30% – 100% Efficiency gains.


Descartes CustomsInfo has over 30 years of experience delivering import compliance solutions.

Organizations Across Industries Use Descartes CustomsInfo 

Descartes CustomsInfo solutions and trade data empower organizations around the world to help build and maintain complex classification databases for their global operations.

Multi-national shippers, customs brokers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, multimodal carriers, compliance professionals, and others rely on Descartes CustomsInfo for accurate trade content to keep their supply chain moving efficiently.

Some of the world’s largest international ecommerce sites leverage our powerful best-in-class data resources to provide customers with more accurate landed cost information, improve the online shopping experience, add to overall compliance, and reduce operating costs.