Trade Content Solutions for Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)

Maximize the Value of Your Oracle Global Trade Management System

International trade content solutions such as Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) can help businesses manage complex supply chains, improving efficiency and lowering costs. In order to maximize capabilities of GTM, it must be enhanced by best-in-class global trade content.

Leveraging Accurate Import and Export Trade Content to Increase Productivity, Improve Compliance Processes, Enhance Visibility, Reduce Costs, and Mitigate Penalties

Through our content platform, businesses can optimize the overall efficiency of their supply chain in terms of compliance, risk, and landed cost. 

  • Harmonized Schedule (HS) codes to more than 160 countries
  • Content updates for HS codes, duties, and tariffs revisions flow automatically to your GTM solutions
  • Additional international trade data, such as ECCN/dual use classification codes, commodity export codes, Schedule B, military lists, free trade agreements, rules of origin, and denied party screening lists
  • Enhanced global accessibility with a range of language options
  • Rapid content delivery model, reducing implementation time

How Descartes CustomsInfo Will Help Streamline Your Supply Chain

  • Demonstrate reasonable care with fully verified and reliable trade data
  • Enhance the functionality of Oracle GTM and deliver optimal results
  • Add content options, including, but not limited to, import and export classification content for more countries, or denied party screening lists, as your compliance requirements grow
  • Leverage our automated data feed and seamless out-of-the-box content specifically tailored for the GTM schema
  • Screen parties you do business with against official denied party lists, as well as sanctioned ownership lists
  • Improve export controls by classifying against dual-use and military use lists from U.S., EU, and other jurisdictions.