Who Uses Descartes CustomsInfo?

Descartes CustomsInfo users include organizations from around the world and across industries.

Descartes CustomsInfo provides global trade content solutions to multinational shippers, customs brokers, third party logistics providers, freight forwarders, multi-modal carriers, ecommerce platforms, and GTM solution providers.

Our content and solutions help businesses keep their global supply chains running efficiently with a comprehensive database of HS codes, duty rates, customs rulings, explanatory notes, and regulations reference materials.


See how organizations from across the world and industries have benefitted from using Descartes CustomsInfo solutions and global trade data

meggit plc logo

“Descartes CustomsInfo has all the up-to-date trade and tariff content we need in one place—from HTS, ECCN and USML classification data to rules of origin and trade regulations—and it integrates seamlessly with our SAP GTS for a completely automated solution. I consider Descartes a key partner for us as we look to build out our compliance programs and expand trade to new countries.”

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“Vigilant understands that ensuring our clients’ compliance requires transparency, accountability and our ability to provide an audit trail, which can only be achieved by leveraging technology. That is why we have partnered with many of the leading compliance technology companies to include their tools as part of our solutions and managed services programs for zero capital investment or ongoing cost.”

Dave Moore
Vigilant Global Trade Service

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“With a substantially growing catalogue, we wanted to expand beyond the borders of the EU. Until now, our fixed-price operating model has prevented us from opening up certain countries to ecommerce. Thanks to Descartes CustomsInfo and the precise landed cost calculations it allows, our catalogue is now available in 21 new countries, including South Africa, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.”

Charles Bellois
Director of Operations
Vestiaire Collective

Organizations across a diverse cross section of industries have enhanced and streamlined their import compliance and trade classification processes. Become one of the many Descartes CustomsInfo users around the world and power up your organization’s global import compliance.