Maximize SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) Capabilities

Descartes CustomsInfo Global Trade Data

Enhance the Value of Your SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) System with Descartes CustomsInfo Data

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) can help businesses accelerate cross-border supply chain processes and enhance compliance within operations. To maximize the capabilities of SAP GTS, it must be enhanced by leading and up-to-date import and export global trade content. Descartes CustomsInfo Global Trade Data for SAP GTS helps empower organizations to keep their supply chain moving efficiently and minimize disruptions.

Learn how Meggitt PLC is automating customs classification processes using Descartes CustomsInfo™.

Utilize Comprehensive Trade Content to Enhance the Operational Efficiency of Your Supply Chain

Descartes CustomsInfo’s market-leading global trade content for SAP Global Trade Services can allow businesses to better demonstrate reasonable care, achieve higher trade compliance rates, reduce risk, and accurately calculate landed-cost.

data integrity
  • HS codes for 160+ countries
  • Additional international trade data, such as ECCN/dual use classification codes, commodity export codes, Schedule B, military lists, free trade agreements, rules of origin, and denied party screening lists
  • Updates published daily and notifications sent via email
  • Reliable model for data updates minimizes the time required for content delivery to be up and running rapidly
  • Global accessibility, including language options
  • Reclassification data for quick updates of items’ classification in SAP GTS

How Descartes CustomsInfo Global Trade Data For SAP GTS Will Help Your Organization

  • Demonstrate reasonable care compliance
  • Facilitate the transition of WCO and country HS codes when updates occur
  • Add further trade content, including classification options and denied party lists, as your trade compliance requirements grow within SAP Global Trade Services
  • Review a library of up to 270+ preferential trade agreements and their rule of origin for calculations within SAP Global Trade Services
  • Screen for denied parties to optimize due diligence
  • Classify items according to ECCN/Dual Use lists and Military Lists from multiple jurisdictions

A Descartes CustomsInfo Customer Success Story

“Descartes CustomsInfo has all the up-to-date trade and tariff content we need in one place—from HTS, ECCN and USML classification data to rules of origin and trade regulations—and it integrates seamlessly with our SAP GTS for a completely automated solution. I consider Descartes a key partner for us as we look to build out our compliance programs and expand trade to new countries.”

Jonathan Priganc, Director, Business Systems, Commercial & Corporate Affairs at Meggitt PLC