Descartes CustomsInfo
for Ecommerce Solutions

Don’t Let Trade Data be a Barrier to Entering Overseas Markets

Ecommerce systems need to make sure that they are able to deliver goods to online buyers in a timely manner. To maximize the value of international ecommerce platforms, they must be powered by accurate and up-to-date import and export global trade content.

Enabling a Smooth Entrance into International Markets

Start selling quicker to customers worldwide with Descartes CustomsInfo global trade content. Our data for ecommerce platforms facilitates accurate import and export product classifications, landed cost calculations (including HS and VAT rates), and denied party screening.

How Descartes CustomsInfo Data Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Organization

With Descartes global trade data, organizations can complete multiple product classifications and duty rates more efficiently. Ecommerce platforms can also ensure they are not selling to denied parties (domestically and internationally), or to countries under sanctions and embargoes. Our experienced team of professionals assists our clients with implementation and understanding the intricacies of global ecommerce.