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Classification and Import Compliance Support

Classification and Import Compliance Support for Organizations of all Sizes

The meticulous nature of classification is challenging, especially when working with a diverse product portfolio and complex items. With classification being subjective and open to interpretation, and different regulatory laws enforced for each jurisdiction, the compliance process can be time-consuming and research-intensive.

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Supplement Existing Processes

Descartes CustomsInfo provides classification support. We can review documents to ensure correct classifications, including but not limited to part drawings, spec sheets, and material composition.

We help facilitate rigorous internal controls and processes, including adding supporting rationale for rulings, General Rules of Interpretation (GRIs), explanatory notes for the item, and converting raw data into useful classifications to keep the organization’s supply chain moving efficiently.

How Your Organization Will Benefit With Descartes CustomsInfo

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Focus on operational goals

Descartes CustomsInfo professionals possess deep technical knowledge. From classification services, trade data consulting, reporting, analysis, and additional services, our team of highly experienced compliance professionals can free you to focus on operational goals.

Tailored To Your Requirements

Our services department can develop a custom solution for your organization. From large project work to smaller niche and specialty classifications, our world class professional services team can help you succeed.

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Descartes CustomsInfo has industry-leading knowledge and expertise of global trade compliance data, that we then feed into organization-wide systems, connecting essential but disparate databases and helping facilitate strong compliance processes.