How It Works

Enabling Excellence via our Content and Services

Descartes CustomsInfo™ solutions work to help fuel international business with up-to-date trade data

Our solutions  provide end-to-end trade data, covering 160+ countries along with their import tariff categories. This data is kept updated as official sources are revised, providing our customers with the most accurate information available. The same data powers each of our global trade content offerings, including the most comprehensive HS tariff classification number databasewith over 6 million reference documents.

What Can Descartes CustomsInfo Power?

Powerful, flexible, and modular, Descartes CustomsInfo Global Trade Data can power a variety of business systems and solutions, including, but not limited to:

Global Trade Management (GTM) Systems

Advanced GTM solutions can help businesses operate smoothly as goods move across borders. Descartes CustomsInfo offers a range of content solutions including HS Tables, Denied Party Screening (DPS), and other options to enhance the functionality of GTM platforms and deliver optimal results.

Ecommerce Websites and Business Systems

Descartes CustomsInfo can serve as the foundation for ecommerce platforms to reduce costs and help ensure timely delivery. Features include accurate item classification at the Harmonized System (HS) level, efficient landed cost calculations, and effective transaction vetting via denied party screening.

Transportation Management Systems

Manufacturers, shippers, distribution centers, and forwarders deploy advanced technology to run global supply chains. Descartes CustomsInfo connects to leading TMS platforms, including the Descartes Transportation Management solution via the Descartes Global Logistics Network™.

Back Office Solutions

Many businesses deploy customized software uniquely tailored to a given business niche or operational sector. Descartes CustomsInfo has the knowledge and connectivity options to seamlessly communicate with custom systems.

Trading Partner Systems

For businesses that leverage the services of partners, Descartes CustomsInfo can act as a bridge to power complimentary systems seamlessly. Our solutions can connect to and complement partner systems to help boost trade compliance.

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