Key updates since our last post:

We have found the 2022 Tariff update for Egypt and are working hard to get the data updated and released as soon as possible. 

2022 Tariff updates:

              Singapore–2022 Tariff.  Full HS, duty and tax update.

Other updates:              

              Vietnam– Duty rate update for 2022.  VN is still using 2017 Nomenclature.  NO HS CHANGES, except we added Chapter 98.

              Saudi Arabia– June 2022 Tariff update.  HS codes and duty rates.

Country statuses below:

Country CdCountryNotes
KHCambodiaWorking FTA rates  ( sourcing issues ) 
BDBangladesh2022 update 
BSBahamas2022 Tariff update 
BTBhutan2022 Tariff update 
CRCosta Rica2022-06-16- Update 
EGEgypt2022 Tariff update  
GTGuatemala2022-06-16- Update 
HNHonduras2022-06-16 – Update 
NI Nicaragua2022-06-16 – Update 
RURussiaA number of announcements 
SVEl Salvador2022-06-16 – Update 
BHBahrain2022 Tariff update 
Next In Queue 
MUMauritius2022 Tariff update ( April )
AFAfghanistanOlder tariff, newest we can find 
PHPhilippines2022 Tariff update  ( draft posted but not live ) 
ARArgentinaPublished 3/30 
MKMacedonia2022 Tariff update 
AUAU ExportA few code changes for May 1 
ILIsraelPublished 2/17  ( various formats to follow shortly ) 
GTGuatemalaReady for QC and publishing 
AUAustraliaApril 2022 update 
BOBolivia2022 update 
BMBermuda2022 Tariff  
BRBrazilJune 2022 update 
CACanada Updated 3/23/2022 
CHSwitzerland May 2022 update 
CHSwitzerland Export Updated 4/2022 
CNChinaUpdated 3/18/2022 (including C9/CIQ) 
CRCosta Rica2022-02-16 – Update 2022 
CUCubaMay 2022 update 
DEGermanyMay 2022 update 
E4EU Export  
E6Canada Export  
ECEcuador2017 WCO still.  HS code and duty rate update based on resolutions COMEX 014-2021, 015-2021 and 003-2022. 
EGEgyptRegular update (2017 nomenclature) 
EUEUJune 2022 update 
GBGreat BritainJune 2022 update  
GBGB Export  
HNHonduras2022 update 
HKHong Kong  
INIndiaMay 1st update 
IDIndonesiaApril 2022 update 
ISIceland2022 update.  
JOJordan2022 update. Mixed 2017 and 2022 Nomenclature. 
JPJapanApril 1st update 
JPJapan 10 NACCS  
MOMacao2022 update 
MKMacedoniaAmendment from 2/22/22 
MAMorocco2022 update 
MXMexicoMX holding update till June 1 2022 
NINicaragua2022 update, start date 1/1/2022 
NZNew ZealandAdded 35% rate for Russian originating goods. 
PAPanama2022 update.  
PEPeru2022 update. 
PHPhilippinesPre-release version.  PH is holding till Q3/Q4 
PKPakistan2022 update.  
PYParaguay2022 update.  
RURussiaMay 2022 update 
SA Saudi Arabia June 2022 update 
SGSingapore2022 Tariff. Full HS, duty and tax update. 
SVEl Salvador2022 update 
RSSerbia2022 update 
LKSri LankaMarch 11th tariff update.  2017 structure. 
T2Thailand 8 Digits  
TRTurkeyMarch 9th update 
TWTaiwanRegular update STILL 2017 Nomenclature. 
UAEUnited Arab EmiratesUpdated 3/21/2022 
UYUruguay2022 Tariff 
USSchedule BFeb 10th update 
US United StatesJune 2022 update 
VEVenezuelaMay 2022 Update (Still 2017 Nomenclature). 
VNVietnam Duty rate update for 2022.  (still using 2017 Nomenclature) 
X4Japan Export  
ZASouth AfricaApril 28th update 
ZMZambia2022 update.