Update Announcements:

Canada has released a July 1st Tariff update for some FTA rate changes. We’re processing these changes to be ready for July.

Ecuador has finally announced their move to the 2022 WCO nomenclature. The new tariff will be effective September 1st. We are starting our processing now.


At this time, EC has not published changes for the “TNAN” codes. ( extra digits ) We will continue to monitor.

New updates published this week:
United States 2023 Revision 8 of the US Tariff. Just minor changes to the Sec 301 exemptions from 9903.88.68
Mexico Adjustment of the general duty down to 10% from 15% for a number of codes in MX Chapters 72+73
United Arab Emirates AE-IN CEPA rates update (effective on May 1st, 2023). No HS Changes.
Venezuela September 2022 Update. Decree No 4.734. HS, Tariff, and Tax Update. (Still 2017 Nomenclature).
Australia June AU tariff update. Updated FTA reductions. Updated tariff rates ( indexed rates ) New FTAs: UK/IN

Note GTS files may not have been created for all of these, but they are in progress.

In Process:
RS – Serbia
LK – Sri Lanka
VC – St. Vincent and the Grenadines ( Caricom )
BA – Bosnia
AF – Afghanistan ( 2022 tariff, local language only )
MU – Mauritius

Next in Queue:
AD – Andorra
AO – Angola
ME – Montenegro
DZ – Algeria
MD – Moldova
MZ – Mozambique
TO – Tonga ( 2021 Tariff, but this was direct from TO customs as “latest/current” )