New updates published this week:
China MFN rate updates. CIQ Changes. One Declaration Element Change. Updated/Corrected Descriptions under 8708. No other changes.
Egypt March 2023 Update. HS and Tariff changes.
Ecuador 2023 Tariff update.
UEMOA West African Economic Monetary Union 2023 Update.

Note GTS files may not have been created for all of these, but they are in progress.

In Process:
TR – Turkey Update for Additional Duties
SV -El Salvador ( removed, we were checking, but nothing to do here )
AD – Andorra
AO – Angola
LK – Sri Lanka
ME – Montenegro
VC – St. Vincent and the Grenadines ( Caricom )
BA – Bosnia
BZ – Belize
AF – Afghanistan ( 2022 tariff, local language only )
MU – Mauritius

Next in Queue:
MD – Moldova
MZ – Mozambique
TO – Tonga ( 2021 Tariff, but this was direct from TO customs as “latest/current” )