New updates published this week:

  • Norway 2023 Tariff and tax update.
  • Egypt 2023 Tariff update.  HS, tariff and tax.
  • Canada 2023-03 Tariff update for Canada ( effective Mar 1st )
  • Mexico Addition of CL-CPTPP agreement.  A few other duty corrections.
  • Peru Addition of CL-CPTPP agreement.
  • Germany March 2023 Update
  • Switzerland March 2023 Update
  • Panama Decree 2023-2.  Finally got confirmation from PA Customs.  HS and duty update.
  • China A number of small updates for March 1. No 10 digit HS changes. 2 new CIQ codes. LDC rate and country group update. Declaration Elements update.

Note GTS files may not have been created for all of these, but they are in progress.

In Process: 

  • Cambodia
  • AU-Appears to be an FTA rate update only
  • Andorra
  • Sri Lanka
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Malaysia
  • VC
  • MU
  • BZ

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