Argentina has released Decree 557-2023, which announces the change to conform their tariff to the WTO reform of 2022.

This will bring their tariff in line with the rest of the NCM tariff countries using the 2022 WCO nomenclature ( through the first 8 digits).  Note that the full tariff length is NOT changing, it will remain 12 digits as before.

You can view the announcement here: link

Unfortunately, the information provided by Argentina for the national part of their tariff (digits 9-12) has been incomplete and will require additional research by the content team before publishing.  

We are working hard to clean and confirm these changes so we can publish an update to match the full Argentina tariff.  Note that the additional digits/national tariff ( aka: Maria codes/SIM ) are not part of the official announcement.  We do have a draft/proposed set of the 12 digit codes which you can find via this link.