Published this week:

  • CN New FTA rates added for Serbia-FTA.
  • ZA, LS, NA, BW, SZ 1 duty rate change for Jun 28th.
  • IN Another duty correction.  No other changes.  Adjustment for 38249900.
  • AU : removal of Nuisance tariffs, RCEP rate adjustments, tax updates.

Pending, but not ready:

  • The US has a July 1 update.  See attached for pending changes.  The ITC has NOT posted Revision 4 yet, so we can not publish our update.  This may happen before the end of the day, in which case we’ll publish over the weekend or later tonight.
  • The EU July 1 update is also pending.  Attached is a correlation table from the EU.  We expect GB to follow these changes too.

Currently in progress:

  • Indonesia 2024
  • Bermuda 2024
  • Bolivia
  • Morocco
  • Iceland

Other 2024 updates in queue

  • AD
  • AL
  • RS
  • TL
  • MV
  • AO
  • BA


US July 1 Update

EU July 2024 correlation table