The EU commission has started updating HS codes for 2023.  None of this information is official and it is likely to change, but in the effort to give our clients the most information possible we’ve compiled a list of the changes we have seen to date and included them here in Excel.   We separated the import and export code changes into different tabs and did our best to create a full new tariff as well.  Again – this information is preliminary and should not be taken as final or authoritative.

The EU’s 2023 tariff update preview appears to have major changes around Basmati Rice, a realignment of HS Codes in Chaps 28 & 29, and a few other slight changes.

We will continue to update this every few weeks or whenever we find a large shift.  The “Change DT” column in the Excel sheets can be used to look for changes since the last update.  

Typically, the EU posts the coming year’s 8 digit changes to the Combined Nomenclature (CN) sometime in November and then correlations and full 10 digit codes after that.  We will also cover those updates and changes here.

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The Content Team @ Descartes