The change represents a major shift in the tariff of Mexico.  First there will be a shift from the current 2012 nomenclature to the 2017 nomenclature at the 8 digit level. ( in MX’s view, they call this “2020” ) Secondly, they are also adding 2 digits on top of that to extend the tariff to 10 digits.  The last 2 digits will not affect duties or UOMs, they are statistical only.  ( Similar to the US or CA )

See the correlation table for the changes at the 8 digit level attached below.

The full 8 digit draft tariff can be found here:

The full new 10 digit draft of the tariff is also attached below in Excel. 

The official site tracking the changes and progress of Mexico can be found here:

Unfortunately we won’t be pushing the changes into CI Reference/SAP/Oracle/CI Manager until much closer to the effective date – we don’t have a “future” date functionality and we can’t just make the current codes invalid in the effort to expose the new tariff.

The full new version is posted in GTIM/CI Reference.

Here is the full tariff including correlations at the 10 digit level.  Additionally, MX customs provided a correlation at the 8 digit level too.