There have been lots of questions about new sanctions and penalties for Russia and Belarus.

For sanctioned parties – our Denied/Restricted party data is constantly being updated with the latest information.

For duties, a few things have happened and we expect more to come.

Canada removed RU and BY from their MFN country list.  This means all products into CA from RU/BY are getting charged the General rate of 35%

The US has announced a similar move – but importantly – no tariff change has taken place.  It is likely that we would see RU and BY added to the Column 2 rate and removed from the General rate, much the way Cuba and North Korea are today.

Australia has announced its intentions to add a 35% penalty to goods originating in RU and BY.  This is set to go into effect on April 25th

The EU and UK have implemented a number of sanctions on luxury goods ( exports ).

Most of the sanctions to date have not been tariff/duty related.

As new tariffs or penalties are added we will include them in our data and updates.