The T2023-5 release of Canada has been published by CBSA.

At this time, it looks like only FTA rate reductions for a few codes.  No HS changes are included as of today.

Tariff itemNew rate of duty
8901.10.90IT, NT, SLT: Free
8901.90.99IT, NT, SLT: Free
8904.00.00IT, NT, SLT: Free
8905.10.00IT, NT, SLT: Free
8905.90.90IT, NT, SLT: Free

Descartes will process these changes in preparation for the change.

Announcement: Customs Notice 23-14: Amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff: Rate Reduction and Statistical Note (

Full Tariff: Customs Tariff 2023 (