[[ Changes since Dec 9th version:  Added ZA files and comment on EU status, changed link to avoid DropBox ]]

As we are all aware, the 2022 changes from the WCO will have a big impact on tariff codes around the globe.

As of Dec 9th we have the following processed:

WCO, EU Export, Switzerland (CH), US, CA, South Africa (ZA) and AU.

All Converted/Excel data can be found/downloaded from this link:

syslp.customsinfo.com – /sections/home/public/2022 Tariff Information/

In each folder the Excel/Zips are Descartes processed data.  The PDFs are source information (correlation tables etc) provided by the jurisdictions.  Note that all the information is preliminary and likely to change come January 1st.

Mexico is in process, waiting for translations.

We get lots of questions about the EU – we are constantly in touch with the TARIC DB team – and they are insistent – the 2022 is not ready.  Just because you query for some 2022 codes with future dates does not mean that they are ready/done with the 2022 tariff.  (Beyond the 8 digits). 

We will continue to publish updates here as we get more information and more completed 2022 tariffs.

Country specific Notifications & Announcements (raw sources and info)

WCO2022 Classification: World Customs Organization (wcoomd.org) Correlation raw PDF from the WCO
SwitzerlandModifications du 1.1.2022 (admin.ch)
South AfricaSouth Africa
EUEuropa – RAMON – Classification Detail List  Correlation: here
GBImportant notice about the 1 January 2022 UK Integrated Tariff (Tariff stop press notice 21) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
ChinaNo tariff or HS information. Announcement
El SalvadorEl Salvador
PhilippinesDraft PHL AHTN 2022_as of 10Nov2021.pdf – Google Drive
PH ASEAN 2017 2022 Correlation
Hong KongC&SD : Commodity Classification Publications (censtatd.gov.hk)
NCM (Mercosur) NCM (Mercosur)
Thailand Thailand
Cambodia( appears broken, no data)