[[ Changes since Dec 23RD version:  Added BR, NZ and PH Data.  Added link for KR ]]

As we are all aware, the 2022 changes from the WCO will have a big impact on tariff codes around the globe.

The US announced that they may not implement their changes on Jan 1.  It is not clear when they may make the change.   Announcement:  CSMS #50430066 – 2022 Harmonized Schedule 5 Year Update (govdelivery.com)

As of Dec 27th we have processed the following tariffs:

WCO, EU Export ( covers EU, DE and GB), Switzerland (CH) (Import and Export), US, CA ( Import and Export), South Africa (ZA), MX, AU, HK, NO, BR, NZ, PH, EU, DE and GB.

All Converted/Excel data can be found/downloaded from this link:

syslp.customsinfo.com – /sections/home/public/2022 Tariff Information/

In each folder the Excel/Zips are Descartes processed data.  The PDFs are source information (correlation tables etc) provided by the jurisdictions.  Note that all the information is preliminary and likely to change come January 1st.

We will continue to publish updates here as we get more information and more completed 2022 tariffs.

Country specific Notifications & Announcements (raw sources and info)

WCO2022 Classification: World Customs Organization (wcoomd.org) Correlation raw PDF from the WCO
SwitzerlandModifications du 1.1.2022 (admin.ch)
AustraliaNew: 2022 Harmonized System Changes (abf.gov.au) Original:  https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2021B00082
Customs Tariff 2022 (cbsa-asfc.gc.ca)
South Africahttps://www.sars.gov.za/legal-counsel/primary-legislation/hs-2022/
EUEuropa – RAMON – Classification Detail List  8 digit Correlation: here  Full 10 digit correlation: Circabc (europa.eu)
GBImportant notice about the 1 January 2022 UK Integrated Tariff (Tariff stop press notice 21) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
El Salvadorhttp://infotrade.minec.gob.sv/sistema-arancelario-centroamericano-2022/
PhilippinesDraft PHL AHTN 2022_as of 10Nov2021.pdf – Google Drive PH ASEAN 2017 2022 Correlation
Hong KongC&SD : Commodity Classification Publications (censtatd.gov.hk)
NCM (Mercosur)https://normas.mercosur.int/public/normativas/4143
Cambodia( appears broken, no data)   http://v1.customs.gov.kh/publication-and-resources/customs-tariff-of-cambodia-km-2022/
Serbia(PDF copied to CustomsInfo Server)  https://syslp.customsinfo.com/sections/home/public/2022%20Tariff%20Information/RS/Serbia2022.pdf
JapanRevision of HS2022 : Customs Customs Japan
New ZealandWorking Tariff Document (customs.govt.nz)
IndiaCorrelation: https://www.cbic.gov.in/resources/htdocs-cbec/deptt_offcr/Guidance Document on Correlation of Customs Tariff between 2021 and 2022.pdf;jsessionid=2DFFE27E3106B085045C423B14DFB54D
Korea기획재정부 문서뷰어 (moef.go.kr)