Key updates since our last post: 

2022 Tariff updates:

              Kuwait—2022 Tariff

              Mexico—2022 Nomenclature effective December 12

Other updates:

              Uruguay– Small update for December.   HS and duty updates. From resolution MEF S/N 2022/11/11

2023 Update information:

  • We have 8 and 10 digit correlations for the EU already, which can be found here and here.  For 8 digits GB will be the same.
  • Hong Kong has posted their 2023 tariff.  We are processing and will update with more information soon.  Source link.
  • Canada just posted their 2023 tariff.  We’ve processed it and found there are NO HS Changes.  Source link.
  • NZ:  We have 2023 tariff.  Most changes in Ch. 84, 87, 89.  A few others too.  Correlation table here.                                                                                                                                                                                 

For other countries, we don’t have any known timeline but based on previous years we can make some estimates:

  • US: We will get the 2023 tariff on the last day of 2022 or Jan 1st.  We usually can process in a day or two.  We may get an advanced peek at the changes from ABI, but this will not have all the tariff information we need. 
  • MX: Unclear.  MX finally moved to the WCO 2022 tariff on Monday December 12th.  When or if they will update their tariff again for 2023 remains to be seen.  They have never been that diligent about a Jan 1 update.
  • CN: We get tariff data in the last few days of December, but due to the complexity of the tariff it usually takes a bit longer to publish.  Sometimes we can do the 8 digit version or a nomenclature update first to help with the transition.
  • EU/GB/DE: As noted above, but we won’t have the full final tariff until Jan 1st and will update during that first week.
  • ZA: Usually available before Jan 1, will publish around Jan 1
  • AU: Should be available the first week of January.
  • BR:  Known changes ( some announcements) .  Not sure when we’ll have the entire tariff.
  • Others:  Case by case.

Country statuses below: 

In Progress 
CLChile2022-11-23 update 
AFAfghanistan2022 Tariff found.  Native language only 
JPJapanDec 1 and Dec 8 updates. 
HNHonduras2022-12-01 Update 
SCSeychelles2022 Tariff update 
VUVanautu2022 Tariff update 
Next In Queue  
HKHong Kong2023 Tariff 
CACanada2023 Tariff 
AOAngola2022 Tariff 
TRTurkeyList V and other Updates 
ADAndorra2022 Tariff for Andorra.  Only have General rate.  There is some information suggesting that they use the EU’s FTAs, but it is not clear how to apply them 
AE        United Arab EmiratesMay 1 Duty rate update. No HS Changes. 
ALAlbaniaNew 2022 tariff for Albania.  A couple of places where they are not “compliant” with WCO specs.   
AM        ArmeniaDuty rate update only, no HS changes. 
AR        ArgentinaNovember 8th 2022 Update.  New HS and Duties.  Still 2017 Nomenclature. 
AT        AustriaJuly 2022 Update. 
AU        AustraliaThis update only adds “MY” to the list of countries that benefit from the RCEP FTA rate in Australia. NO HS, duty or tax changes! 
BD        Bangladesh 
BE        BelgiumJuly 2022 Update. 
BG        BulgariaJuly 2022 Update. 
BH        Bahrain2022 HS nomenclature update. 
BM        BermudaNov 2022 HS, Tariff and tax update 
BO        Bolivia, Plurinational State ofSeptember Update.  Duty update.  No HS changes. 
BQ        Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaJuly 2021 tariff update.  No HS Changes.  
BR        BrazilNovember 9th 2022 Tariff Update.  No HS Changes. 
BS        Bahamas2022 Update (with 2017 Nomenclature). 
BT        BhutanJune 22nd 2022 Update. 
BW        Botswana10/1 update—2 new HS codes.  
BY        BelarusDuty rate update only, no HS changes. 
C2        Swiss VLTDecember 2022 Update 
C3        Swiss 8 digitsDecember 2022 Update 
C4        Swiss 11 digitsDecember 2022 Update 
C9        China w/CIQOne duty rate correction to MFN rate for 3204170020 in China.  No other changes. 
CA        Canada2022-5 Update.  Adjustment to trade programs, including MY in CPTPT. 
CH        SwitzerlandDecember 2022 Update 
CL        Chile2022 HS and Tariff Update. 
CN        ChinaOne duty rate correction to MFN rate for 3204170020 in China.  No other changes. 
CO        ColombiaAugust 2022 Update.  Minimal HS and Duty Changes. 
CR        Costa RicaSeptember Update.  Duty update.  Minimal HS changes. 
CU        CubaAddition of Chapter 98 HS 
CY        CyprusJuly 2022 Update. 
CZ        CZECHIAJuly 2022 Update. 
D2        Germany 10November 2022 Update 
DE        GermanyNovember 2022 Update 
DK        DenmarkJuly 2022 Update. 
DO        Dominican Republic2022 Tariff and tax update. 
DZAlgeria2022 Tariff. 
E1        Germany Export CodesOctober tariff updates. 
E2        Swiss Export CodesDecember 2022 Update 
E4        EU Export CodesOctober tariff updates. 
E5        JP Export Codes2022 JP EXPORT Tariff 
E6        CA Export Codes2022 Update.  This was done before 2022, but never officially published intnerlly. 
E7        AU Export CodesMay 1 AHECC AU Export update.  Changes to codes in Ch. 30+31.  A few UOM changes in 44. 
E8        Swiss Export VLTNovember 2022 Update 
E9        Swiss Export 8 digitsNovember 2022 Update 
EC        EcuadorHS and Tariff Update for November 24th 2022. 
EE        EstoniaJuly 2022 Update. 
EG        Egypt9/27 Tariff update.  New HS codes and duties. 
ES        SpainJuly 2022 Update. 
EU        European UnionNovember 2022 Update 
FI        FinlandJuly 2022 Update. 
FJFiji2022 Tariff Update.  2022 Nomenclature. 
FR        FranceJuly 2022 Update. 
G8        GB Export codesAnother UOM update/correction. 
GB        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandNovember 2022 Update 
GF        French GuianaJuly 2022 Update. 
GP        GuadeloupeJuly 2022 Update. 
GR        GreeceJuly 2022 Update. 
GT        GuatemalaJune 17th, 2022 Update.  New HS and Tariff. 
HN        HondurasSeptember HS and Duty Update. 
HR        CroatiaJuly 2022 Update. 
HU        HungaryJuly 2022 Update. 
I2        Israel (11 digits)Jan 2022 HS and Tariff Update.  Structure change as IL is now 10 digits and I2 is 11 digits. 
ID        IndonesiaCorrected FTA rates.  No HS Changes. 
IE        IrelandJuly 2022 Update. 
IL        IsraelJan 2022 HS and Tariff Update.  Structure change as IL is now 10 digits and I2 is 11 digits. 
IN        IndiaMay 1st 2022 update.  ( 2nd update for 2022 ).  Correction 
IS        Iceland2002 Tariff Update.  New HS, Tariff, and Taxes. 
IT        ItalyJuly 2022 Update. 
JO        Jordan2022 Update.  HS, Tariff, and Taxes.  Mixed 2017 and 2022 Nomenclature. 
JMJamaicaJuly 2022 update.  
JP        JapanApril 2022 Update. 
KG        KyrgyzstanDuty rate update only, no HS changes. 
KHCambodia2022 Tariff Update.  2022 Nomenclature. 
KR        Korea, Republic ofJuly 2022 update.  RCEP Rates Added 
KWKuwait2022 Tariff 
KZ        KazakhstanDuty rate update only, no HS changes. 
LK        Sri LankaDuty rate update.  Still 2017 Nomenclature.  No HS code changes. 
LBLebanonDuty rate update.  No HS Changes. Some reduced rates for agricultural products for CH/IS/NO. Minor tax updates. 
LS        Lesotho10/1 update.  2 HS changes. 
LT        LithuaniaJuly 2022 Update. 
LU        LuxembourgJuly 2022 Update. 
LV        LatviaJuly 2022 Update. 
MA        Morocco2022 Update.  New HS and Tariff. 
MC        MonacoJuly 2022 Update. 
MF        Saint Martin (French part)July 2021 tariff update.  No HS Changes.  
MK        North MacedoniaAmendment from 2/22.  New HS codes and duty updates. 
MO        MacaoAdded one missing HS Code in Ch. 62 
MQ        MartiniqueJuly 2022 Update. 
MMMyanmar2022 Nomenclature and General Rate Update.  FTA Rates derived with previously published data and correlation tables. 
MT        MaltaJuly 2022 Update. 
MU        MauritiusSeptember 2022 Update. 
MWMalawi2022 Update.  (Still 2017 Nomenclature) 
MX        Mexico2022 Nomenclature update December 12 
MY        Malaysia2022 Update. ( June 1 ) 
N9        Namibia 810/1 update with 2 HS changes  
NA        Namibia10/1 update with 2 HS changes 
NI        NicaraguaUpdate effective 06/21/2022.  New HS and Duty. 
NGNigeria2022 Nomenclature Update. 
NL        NetherlandsJuly 2022 Update. 
NO        Norway2022 Update. HS and Tariff. 
NZ        New ZealandSeptember Duty Update.  Small changes to HS.  Corrections to stat units. 
OM        Oman2022 Update. 
P2        PH 8-9 Digits Variable2nd July 2022 Update.  A few HS changes.  New and updated FTA rates.  All versions 
PA        PanamaAugust 5 2022 Duty Update.  No New HS. 
PE        PeruAugust 2022 Update. Minimal HS and Duty Updates. 
PF        French PolynesiaJuly 2021 tariff update.  No HS Changes.  
PH        Philippines2nd July 2022 Update.  A few HS changes.  New and updated FTA rates.  All versions 
PK        PakistanAdded FTA rates for 2022.  NO HS Changes.  
PL        PolandJuly 2022 Update. 
PT        PortugalJuly 2022 Update. 
PY        Paraguay2022 Update.  Effective 04/01/2022.  HS, Tariff, and Tax Update 
QAQatar2022 Tariff  
RE        RéunionJuly 2022 Update. 
RO        RomaniaJuly 2022 Update. 
RS        SerbiaSerbia 2022 Update – HS and Tariff Update with Several New Agreements 
RU        Russian FederationDuty rate update only, no HS changes. 
SA        Saudi ArabiaHS and Duty update for Saudi Arabia. 
SE        SwedenJuly 2022 Update. 
SG        SingaporeSmall update to alcohol products in SG.  No other changes. 
SI        SloveniaJuly 2022 Update. 
SK        SlovakiaJuly 2022 Update. 
SV        El SalvadorHS and Tariff update in force June 17th, 2022 
SX        Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)July 2021 tariff update.  No HS Changes.  
SZ        Eswatini10/1 update with 2 HS changes   
T2        Thailand 8 Digits2022 tariff and tax update. ( 11 and 8 digit versions ) 
TH        Thailand2022 tariff and tax update. ( 11 and 8 digit versions ) 
TR        TurkeyDecree Updates for Additional Duty and Reduced Duty until June 30 2022 
TW        Taiwan, Province of ChinaOnly the “regulation” data changed.   
US        United StatesCorrected ( added ) China penalty rates under HS code 7616.99.51. Merged latest monthly ADD/CVD into various products and tables. 
UY        UruguaySmall update for December.   HS and duty updates. From resolution MEF S/N 2022/11/11 
VE        Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofMay 2022 Update.  New HS, Tariff, and Taxes.  (Still 2017 Nomenclature). 
VG        Virgin Islands, BritishJuly 2021 tariff update.  No HS Changes.  
VN        Viet NamCorrection to some UOMs.  NO HS or Duty changes. 
X3        EAC – East African Community Common External TariffAdded AfCFTA preferential rates. Refreshed taxes for member countries. 
X4        Japan with NACCS CodeApril 2022 Tariff update for JP with NACCS code (10 digits). 
X6        AHTN – ASEAN Harmonized Tariff NomenclatureAHTN-ASEAN 2022 Nomenclature Update 
X7        Philippines AHTN 112nd July 2022 Update.  A few HS changes.  New and updated FTA rates.  All versions 
X8        Ecuador with TNANHS and Tariff Update for November 24th 2022. 
XB        US Schedule BCorrect one UOM. 
YT        MayotteJuly 2022 Update. 
Z9        South Africa 810/1 update with 2 HS changes 
ZA        South Africa10/1 update with 2 HS changes 
ZM        Zambia2022 Update. (correction to HS Tree)