As we approach the start of the new year, we are preparing for regular yearly updates from most countries.  

We have 8 digit correlations for the EU already, which can be found here.

Although I don’t have the full 10 digit tariff, I have a first version of the correlation here.

We expect to get full 10 digit TARIC correlations and nomenclature soon ( usually by early December, likely after the last regular update for 2022 )

For other countries, we don’t have any known timeline but based on previous years we can make some estimates:

  • US – We will get the 2023 tariff on the last day of 2022 or Jan 1st.  We usually can process in a day or two.  We may get an advanced peek at the changes from ABI, but this will not have all the tariff information we need.
  • CA – Generally we get the update right at the end of December and again can publish in the first few days of 2023.
  • MX – Unclear.  They still haven’t moved to the WCO 2022 changes and now we suspect maybe they will make this change at the same time as their 2023 update?
  • CN – We get tariff data in the last few days of December, but due to the complexity of the tariff it usually takes a bit longer to publish.  Sometimes we can do the 8 digit version or a nomenclature update first to help with the transition.
  • EU – As noted above, but we won’t have the full final tariff until Jan 1st and will update during that first week.
  • HK – always have before Jan 1, can be published by Jan 1
  • ZA – Usually available before Jan 1, will publish around Jan 1
  • AU – Should be available the first week.
  • Others:  Case by case.

We will post updates here to the blog and track our progress and expected tariff  updates as usual.

Best regards,

The Content Team